Principles & Indicators 

Five core principles were established in order to help determine and compare the level of success enjoyed by a downtown. There are a range of indicators associated with each principle.  Examples are listed below.  


VISIBLE - does the downtown have an integral and central role in the life of the city?

  • E.g. Downtown area as a % of total area
  • E.g. Downtown proportion of office, housing, retail and open space

VISIONARY: Does the downtown benefit from bold leaders who collaborate to achieve a shared vision?

  • E.g. Downtown plan in place (date/process)
  • E.g. % implementation of projects/plans identified as priorities

PROSPERITY: Does the downtown have a robust and innovative economy?

  • E.g. Building permits (annual + trends)
  • E.g. Value of residential property in downtown
  • E.g. Tax base value per square meter 

LIVABILITY: Is the downtown vibrant, livable and connected?

  • E.g. Demographic breakdown - diversity, age profile, marital status etc.
  • E.g. $ invested in parks, open space annually + trend

STRATEGY- is the city investing strategically in the future of its downtown?

  • E.g. trend in $ allocated to Community Improvement Plan or equivalent for downtown
  • E.g. $ allocated for capital improvements to public realm (sidewalks, parks) downtown vs citywide.