We provide a range of services to help our project partners build support and improve downtown vitality.


Data Collection & Management

We provide resources and support for data collection and management to help our clients gather critical information about their downtown. 

We also conduct downtown specific data analysis and advise on the development of measurement and reporting systems, to measure downtown progress.   

Measurement & Reporting Systems

We develop measurement and reporting systems, to help our clients effectively gather and maintain downtown data. We provide advice on what to measure, where to find it and how often to collect it. 

Best Practice Research

We conduct comparative research, and provide advice based on international best practices to help downtowns stay competitive locally and globally.

Visual Tools

We create maps, infographics and other visual tools to help our clients communicate important information about their downtown to decision-makers and potential investors:

Stakeholder Connections

We connect stakeholders and use collaborative planning strategies to build relationships among downtown partners to ensure local support for downtown investment.


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